Monday, May 20, 2013

Silk Naturals MAC(Mystery Adventure Club) May 2013

Today I received the first of 3 monthly packages from the Silk Naturals MAC(Mystery Adventure Club).
This is actually the first time I have participated in something like a monthly subscription makeup box. I know they are really popular and there are lots of them out there, but I was always afraid there would be some non-natural products I can't use. Luckily, natural subscription boxes are more popular now, so those who prefer natural ingredients can finally join in on this craze. I was excited to sign up for the Silk Naturals MAC because I know I already love their products. But the best part is that what you get is brand new, so I don't have to worry about getting something I already have. Every week they have a GWP(gift with purchase), and basically what you get are the GWPs plus some extra gifts as well. So if you ever found yourself being bummed you missed out on a GWP, but can't order every week to make sure you get them all, this is a great solution. It was about $40 for 3 months, so about $13 per box.
Karen also included a note explaining everything that was included, which I loved. There are 2 shadows and 1 blush, all in the standard GWP size jars. There was a full size lip gloss that glows under blacklight. And then there was a new formula of lipstick Karen is testing out on us :) If you are familiar with Silk Naturals lip products, they are mostly very glossy, like a lipstick and gloss in one. This lipstick is more of the traditional lipstick type formula, with a matte finish.
I love testing out new products, so I was super excited! And the lipstick color is super pretty, like a MLBB for me.
There was also a blackhead extractor, which I've never tried before, so look forward to figuring out how these work.
Race(shadow), Loop(shadow), Curve(blush), Kapow(gloss), Bohemian(lipstick)

Race is really unique because although it is somewhat of a navy color, it has copper shimmer that warms it up.
Loop reminds me a lot of one of my favorite SN shadows, Doubloons, just a little darker.
Bohemian lipstick is a really nice medium depth plummy color.
Kapow is a neon coral, but it is sheer which makes it more wearable. It is a new formula, and I actually really like the formula because it is a little thinner and stickier, and I like my glosses to be a little sticky.
The blush Curve is a super pretty iridescent pink shade.
This is the lipstick, plus clear ALG(Amplifying Lip Glaze) over it, since I tend to prefer more of a glossy look: