Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Silk Naturals Valentine's Day 2015 Collection Haul & Swatches

Just wanted to share some swatches of some of the awesome goodies that were released for the Silk Naturals Valentine's Day 2015 Collection. I did not get every item, there are a few other lipsticks and shadows, as well as a new cream shadow.
The lipsticks are a new velvet matte formula and I love it, it is awesome! Matte, but not drying.
Here are the lipstick colors I got along with some of the older lippie colors for comparison.

Bobbi, Strut, Canoodle (new), Swoon (new), Marsala (new), Sheena, Eternal

If you see a color peeking out to the left of Bobbi that is because I initially swatched Eternal there, but then decided it was better to put it next to the other darker colors.

There is also a new Slick Stick called Cahoots, which is a pretty shimmery frosted raspberry shade.

And the last item I got is a pretty lavender eye shadow with copper duochrome called Rekindle.

What an awesome collection! And great Valentine's Day colors :) Which will you pick up?

Disclaimer: there were purchased by me