Friday, April 12, 2013

Silk Naturals Spring 2013 Collection Swatches

The Silk Naturals Spring 2013 Collection is here!!!! It is called Hot in the City, and is inspired by New York City.

There are 5 new lippies in a new formula called Slick Stick. It is like my all time favorite ALG formula but with vanilla instead of mint.
Bloomfield - a creamy peach shade, sort of like the warm version of Bellrose
Bellrose - somewhere between a light and medium pink shade, no shimmer, not super sheer but not very opaque, not as bright as a hot pink, but a little bit vibrant
Briarwood - a nude with a hint of pink and fine iridescent shimmer
Strawberry Fields - a sheer strawberry red, looks like strawberry jello in the tube
The Village - amazing beautiful sheer iridescent purple, with fine shimmer, would be amazing both on it's own or to layer over other colors

There is 1 new liquid gloss called Broadway. a beautiful clear with lots of different colored iridescence shimmer. Looks like fairy dust. The perfect color to add to the center of your bottom lip to make your lips look fuller.

There are 2 new cream blushes, one of which is a bronzer.
Hamptons Hottie - a metallic golden bronze
Chelsea -  a pink with a hint of plum and fine shimmer

There is also an insane amount of cream shadows. This is something brand new that Silk Naturals whipped up. They only previously released them as gumballs when they were testing out the formula. I loved the gumballs, so was very excited for this release. These actually last quite well on me despite being natural, but they melt right off with water. So great for most days, but not in the rain, or if you are sweating or have watery eyes. I actually like how easy they are to wash off at the end of the day.
The colors are beautiful and with such a variety of shades there is literally something for everyone. All except Blackout have some sort of shimmer to them, but it is fine shimmer and non are glittery. 
They are creamy and smooth, I applied them just with the applicator to my arm for swatches, but suggest blending them out with your finger on your eyes for best application. Most are pretty opaque, but a few may require you to build them up a little if you want the color to be super opaque.

Here come all the pics!!!!
The lippies and cream blushes:

 Broadway Lip Gloss

Please note in this next pic, since I'm taking a photo of the back of the containers, these are in backwards order from the above pic.
Ozone, Soho, Metro, Gramercy, Brownstone, Gotham, Grand Central, Penthouse, Sunnyville

Same deal, below pic colors are in backwards order from above pic:
Sunnyville, Pashmina, Astoria, Tribeca, Midtown, Highrise, Roxbury

And one last time, in below pic the colors are in opposite order from above pic.
Roxbury, Brighton, Fleet Week, Electric, Blackout

Disclaimer: Some of the products were purchased by me, and some were sent to me by Silk Naturals. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. Fantastic swatches!!! All the colors are so gorgeous! I want some of the brights, but I know I'd never wear them, so I won't pick those up. I got a 4 of the neutral shades.

    1. The brights are very pretty, but definitely more wearable as liner for me :) as I prefer more "natural" eye shadow looks.

  2. Oooh so pretty!! Can you please do an fotd/eotd with the new cream shadows and lippies? I just ordered some and can't wait to use them! Do they work well as bases for other eyeshadows? Great photos and swatches Oxana, I am so tempted to go buy everything now! :)

    1. I'll definitely do some looks real soon with the new products. They are best on their own rather than bases since they dry to a powder-like finish, so they are not tacky like some other products, so not best for sticking pigments to them.

  3. Очень красивые свотчи!!! Очень Люблю SN!!

  4. Thanks for the swatches, this has helped reaffirm that I want Gotham!