Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Silk Naturals "Happy Hour" Spring 2014 Collection Swatches

It's here! And I could not be more excited because these colors are exactly what I was hoping to see for Spring :)
Also, there are now cool toned shades of the HD cream foundation, and the "old" concealers have all been reformulated to be the new HD formula!
There is a really cool new product called VitaBoost which is a vitC and trans-reservatrol powder you can add to your powdered makeup for some nice skincare benefits! And there is also a makeup remover.
And do not miss the Last Chance section, lots of steals to be found there!
In this post I am going to show you swatches of all the lovely goodies, but if you want even more details, check out my YouTube video. It has lots of swatches but also I try on all the lip colors for you so you can really get a sense of what they look like:

All of the below swatch pics are taken outdoors in the sunlight.
Here are the eye shadows:
Top Row: Margarita, Sidecar
Bottom Row: Stinger, Brandy
 Margarita, Sidecar
 Stinger, Brandy

Cream Highlighter and Blushes:
Limoncello, Top Shelf, Shaker

B-52, Cosmopolitan

Limoncello, Top Shelf, Shaker, B-52, Cosmopolitan

Slick Sticks:
Gumdrop, Bramble, Mai Tai, Ocean Breeze, Firecracker

Lipsticks and Slick Stikcs: Top Shelf, Shaker, B-52, Cosmopolitan, Gumdrop, Bramble, Mai Tai, Ocean Breeze, Firecracker

And here is an eye look I did with Margarita, Sidecar, and Stinger:

Here is what Bramble looks like on my lips:

Top Shelf


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  1. Oh, some great shades there! One of my ultimate favorites from SN lip colors is The Village - how would Bramble compare to that one?


  2. Nevermind - I just saw the swatches of them on their site - looks like it's way less sheer.

    1. Yes, the Village is a sheer wash of purple shimmer, but Bramble is a cream, not shimmer at all, it is more pigmented, although still sheer compared to some of their more pigmented lippies. It is a lovely lilac color. Not sure if you remember Playful I think it was called, this is not quite as light but similar. It is also similar to Asset but much lighter, like a milky version.

  3. How moisturizing / drying is it to use Top Shelf and Shaker on your lips? I saw on the Silk Naturals website that it does say "lip safe", but since it wasn't formulated as a "lip product", what's your verdict on the overall feel on the lips?

    1. It is definitely kind of dry feeling on the lips, and looks more matte than their lip products. But if you use a nice lip balm underneath that seems to make it work, for me anyways :)

  4. Top Shelf is gorgeous - it looks great on you :) x