Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Silk Naturals Winter/Holiday 2014 Collection Swatches

I am so super excited to share with you today an awesome new collection from Silk Naturals!!!
There is so much awesomness to share, so let's just dive right in.
First of we have the handy dandy pressing kit!
Prefer pressed shadows over loose? Well now Silk Naturals is giving you all that you need to create your own freedom style magnetic palette(including an actual palette). And it works on mattes!!! Eek!
Here is a video demonstration on how I like to press a matte shade:

I also have a video on this collection where I try on all of the lip colors:

And now for the makeup.
There are 8 gorgeous iridescent eyeshadow just brimming with all that duochrome-y goodness. Love me some duochrome!
There is also a gorgeous illuminator called Close Up which has an ivory-golden soft candelight glow to it, so pretty!
And a highlighter called Reality, which has some iridescent pink with a touch of gold fine shimmer.
Lastly the popular Gift With Purchase Tchotchke blush is back, this time as a permanent item.

Here are lots of pics:
top row: Pilot, Plot Twist, Volume, P.S.
bottom row: Satellite, Boost, Network, Story
last 3 swatches are: Close-Up, Reality, Tchotchke

Then there are 6 new lip colors and 2 cream blushes
Swing was a color I loved way back when it was the Buttercream formula, unfortunately that formula was discontinued long ago, but Swing has been revived as a Slick Stick, yay!
Then there are 3 Amplifying Lip Glazes!!! Woohoo! I am obsessed with the ALG formula, so minty, and plumping, and glossy, just perfection! Live is a super pretty berry sheer jelly shade, Replay is like a pigmented version of Live with maybe a touch more red. And Spin-Off is a lovely nude-plummy-pink shade. On me it looks like the coveted Kylie Jenner lip look.
Then there are two gorgeous, rich and creamy and pigmented Organic Vegan lipsticks. I had never tried a chocolate brown before and was surprised of how nice it looked, I have been missing out!
And then the two cream blushes. The Big O is undoubtedly a clone/dupe of the NARS Multiple in Orgasm. And Hiatus is a lovely bright pink for the "just came in from the cold" look.

Swing, Live, Replay, Spin-Off, Cliffhanger, Script, The Big O, Hiatus

Swing, Live, Replay, Spin-Off, Cliffhanger, Script, The Big O, Hiatus

And that concludes the amazing Winter/Holiday 2014 Collection from Silk Naturals!
Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by Silk Naturals. I am not sponsored. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Hi Oxana, I've been watching you on youtube for ages and finally am using my blog so I can say hi! I didn't let myself buy much from this collection... just watched your video on the duochrome shades and now rethinking that... :)

  2. Hi :) The duochromes are so pretty especially over their new colored primers! :)

  3. Hi Oxana, I've been looking through your swatches for Silk Naturals. I know you don't wear red a lot, but do you know between Vroom, Crimson, High Roller - which is the coolest red? I am Chinese, yellow undertones, fair/light skin and look better in cooler colours. Thanks.

    1. Sorry I only have Vroom, so I can't compare it to the other two you mentioned. But both Crimson and High Roller are described as cool reds, with Crimson being brighter.