Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Costco Australia, Organic foods and prices

I recently went on a trip to Australia, and in Melbourne I came across a Costco. I thought it would be real interesting to take a look and to compare the foods sold there versus here in the US.
I mostly took pictures of natural and organic products, since that is what I generally tend to buy.
Keep in mind the prices in the pictures are in Australian dollars, so if you want to compare them to the prices at your own US Costco, you need to translate them to US dollars. At the time I am making this post the exchange rate is 75 cents US per $1 Australian.

First of all here is just a general picture of the store, one thing I thought was neat is they had a Panda version of those giant bears they sell.
 I forgot to include the price label in this pic, but it was a little under $6 Australian dollars.
I noticed they had these back in the US in my local Costco, but they were dipped in chocolate.
I personally really like then, minimal ingredients, gluten free, I would prefer them without the chocolate though. Tried the find the plain ones here in the US, and they have them for $12 on Amazon.
 Mary's Gone Crackers, organic crackers, same exact ones they have here in the US
 These looked neat, freeze dried fruit, they don't sell these in the US, not that I have seen anyways. But I have bought freeze dried fruit from Trader Joe's before and have enjoyed them, so I bet these would be good.
 I have not seen these coconut chips in my local Costco, but I have definitely seen them in other stores around here.
 Organic Dried Apple rings, the closest to this in the US Costco are dried apple chips
 Organic Dried Bananas
 Pine Nuts, they sell the same exact ones here in US, but they are cheaper
 Organic Walnuts
 This looked neat, usually only see vanilla extract here in US, never seen paste before
 Organic Coconut oil, just a different brand then they sell here
 Organic pastas:
 Gluten Free Chia pudding, this looked neat, never seen it around here
 Maple Syrup, very similar to the one they sell here, just not organic
 Organic juices
 Organic frozen fruit, very similar to what they sell in the US. I bet the mango in Australia tastes better though, based on the fact that I had some fresh mango there and it was the best mango I've ever had.

 I've never purchased the hot food at our Costco, so not sure if this is similar to what they have here, just thought I'd share some pictures for those interested

Well that does it. As you see the Australian Costco had some similar products and some organic choices.

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