Friday, February 1, 2013

Silk Naturals Valentine's Collection 2013 Swatches, Part 1: Lips

If you would like to see photos of me wearing all of the lip products, they are now posted here:

There are 5 new liquid lip glosses and one Amplifying Lip Glaze. The liquid glosses received new packaging, which is 11 ml and has a brush applicator. The old tubes are 4.5 ml with a doe-foot wand applicator. The glosses in the older packaging are $4.75, while the new ones are $8.99. So you are getting more than double the product, plus nicer feeling/looking container, for a little less than double the price. So it is a better deal if you tend to use up your glosses, but not as economical if you tend to get a bunch of colors just to try and don't use most of them. 
I go back and forth on which type of applicator I like better, but for these glosses I like the new brush more because it picks up more product and I can cover my whole lips without dipping back in.
The liquid gloss smells like vanilla, it is a mild scent that you may notice while applying, but dissipates quickly while on your lips, so I do not foresee the fact that it is scented being a problem for anyone. It also has a sweet taste due to the stevia. 
If you have not tried SN's liquid glosses before, they are not at all sticky, they are more creamy feeling. They are just a little thick, enough to get coverage out of the colors that are pigmented, and make them last longer than some of the thinner glosses on the market. However, these do not last as long as your typical sticky gloss, as I find is the case with any gloss that is not sticky like these. But they do last longer than the thinner feeling glosses, like the Burt's Bees very shiny, due to the fact that they are a thicker creamier formula.
Here are swatches of the liquid glosses first:
The containers

The new brush applicator

Candid, Shutter, Zone, Reflect, Infinity
Indoors, natural light by window

Candid, Shutter, Zone, Reflect, Infinity
Outside, direct sunlight

Here are some comparisons of the new liquid glosses, to some of the older lip colors:

Beguile, Candid, Engage
Nice Tan, Zone, Hey Baby

Bustle, Shutter, Hubbub, Allure

Joy, Infinity

Creampuff, Reflect

 (I didn't have a good comparison for Reflect, Creampuff is sort of the cool version, they are both sheer and pink, but Reflect has lots of gold shimmer)

Fast ALG

Operative, Fast, Beguile

Fast vs Believer

Everything in this collection is beautiful. Reflect is one of my favorites, it is just so super pretty and girly :)

Disclaimer: Some of these products were included in my order courtesy of Silk Naturals. However all views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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