Friday, October 4, 2013

Silk Naturals Eye Shadow Haul/Swatches

Couldn't help myself and placed 2 orders in a row :) Love Silk Naturals!
I got lots and lots of shadows! Haven't worn most of them yet, but I did wear Dark Arts the other day and what a lovely crease color that one is! Also, Magpie is so pretty as is Fairy Dust, I love iridescent/duo-chrome shades and that's what many of these are. Alibi is really interesting because it has a tiny bit of aqua iridescence to it. I am currently obsessed with purples so I think I am really going to enjoy Breathe and Scream. Most of these shadows are not too shimmery, I like very fine shimmer, or pearl, and that is what most of these are. Glory and Duct Tape are the most shimmy ones of the bunch in terms of the size of shimmer they have, so those are probably my least favorite. Vineyard is pretty but it might have too much red to it, not sure I can pull it off. U R Cute and Sari are just ok, but Idolize and Serene look amazing! Serene has a very low sheen finish, like suede, and such cool golden sheen to it. Really excited for Momentum, and Posse, love colors like that, super pretty golden greens!
EDIT: bought some more shadows from an online friend, so added even more swatches!

Here are some swatches for you:
Hint, Cream, Linen, Nymph, Alibi, Model, Vineyard, Chicane, Brimstone

U R Cute, Sari, Serene, Idolize, Glory, Howl, Breathe, Scream

Fairy Dust, Duct Tape, Magpie, Danny, Momentum, Rogue, Posse, Dark Arts, Night Hawk

Retro, Phantom, Juiced, 4Matic, Ion, Fusion, Driftwood, Jump

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  1. I'd love to see an eye look with Alibi sometime! I'm so curious about that one!