Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Swatches: Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo foundation in # 42 and 44

I have been testing a sample of the Kat Von D foundation for a while now, and just recently got a full size. I will have a review coming shortly, but in the meantime I have some swatches for you comparing those two shades, which are the lightest two shades in the range.
The sample I have is # 44 and as you can see it is way too dark for me. So I decided to buy the full size in # 42, which they were out of in my local Sephora so I had to buy it without testing. 
As you can see there is a HUGE difference between the two colors. I am really surprised there is no color in between. 

42, 44, Jane Iredale BB Cream #1(for comparison):

I think I will have to mix 42 and 44 together to get a wearable color, otherwise my face is either going to be too light or too dark. 
Besides the difficultly finding a color match I am loving the foundation though, and will have a review coming shortly. 
EDIT: I actually ended up returning the foundation, 42 was too light and too pink, and so looked off on me, and I didn't want to buy another full size to mix with it just to get the right color. This foundation had amazing coverage, which was a huge plus, but it also ended up breaking me out. So unfortunately it was just not for me. 


  1. hihi
    the fondation kat von 42 is very very white pink.
    because, the yellow or neutal in my face , very ugly.beacuse, im very white but my shade is pink .not yellow
    and concealer? 16 ?? is white pink?
    valeria bs as argentina!!

    1. 42 is very white and pink, try 44. I could not wear either one, because 42 is too light for me and 44 is too dark, and there is no shade in between.
      They used to have a concealer called Sand that was perfect, pale with yellow tones. But they no longer sell this color.

  2. i dont understand !! mix 42 , and 46??

  3. ok, ..
    you have a picture with the colors 42 and 44, in a white paper?or on a glass or acrylic

    as always, the colors of foundations "change according to the color of the person's hand! is camouflaged,
    with the pigmentation of the skin of the person.

    in your blog (into your hand or arm 42 is seen pink in the photo :)) you understand me?

    you have oily skin? covered in acne? the grains
    thank you very much!

    1. Yes, 42 is pink toned. I no longer have the foundation so I cannot take additional pictures, I returned it to Sephora because it did not work for me. I could not wear 42 because it was too light and too pink, and I could not wear 44 because it was too orange.
      I have dry skin, the foundation is not moisturizing enough for me, and it caused me to break out also.

  4. im have subtono pink!! you have yellow??:)