Friday, June 7, 2013

UPDATED! Silk Naturals Summer 2013 Collection Swatches

There is now a new blog post with swatches of the Vegan Lipsticks: click here

Just wanted to share with you my order from the Silk Naturals Summer 2013 Collection.
Unfortunately, it is quire rainy out today, so I will try and take more pics later when it is sunny, but I thought for now these were better than nothing.
I love the new Slick Stick formula! Most of the liquid glosses got converted to this formula, and are now essentially a liquid gloss in solid form. Still very shiny and glossy, but so much quicker and easier to apply!
Here's my thoughts on the colors I got:

Innocent is like the perfect pink for me.
Betty is so super pretty, and if I add some of Coy to it, then it just looks amazing, one of my favorite combos.
Icing is super pretty, loved the liquid gloss, this is even quicker and easier to use, just the perfect wash of sheer iridescent pink, goes pretty much with everything.
Shrieking Violet is great, I knew I loved that from having the gloss, together with Coy it is even more wearable and pretty for a daytime look.
Modern Poet is my perfect nude! I've been looking for something like discontinued EDM English Muffin for a long long time, and this is it!
Swank is so cool, glad I finally got to try it. It gives my lips a deeper nude look, and looks a tiny bit metallic. It is sheer, so not a dramatic look at all. I think it will also be fun to layer with others.
St Tropez is the only one that is just ok on me. It is a bit too warm. I think if you have warmer toned lips this will totally be a MLBB color.
I already mentioned Coy, and it is just the perfect lippie to layer with other, I think I will be using this a TON!
Vroom is an insane bright red! Not sure I can pull it off, but it is good to have a red just in case for some looks, maybe some of my YouTube videos. If I put The Village over it, that makes it much more wearable for me. Still a very dramatic look, but very nice.

Modern Poet, Innocent, St Tropez, Betty, Shrieking Violet, Icing, Coy, Swank, Vroom

The sun came out briefly, so here is me trying to capture the pretty iridescence Betty and Icing have:

And last but not least, there is a new cream shadow called Marvel, which is the cream shadow version of Doubloons(one of the prettiest shadows ever!)
Here is Marvel on the left vs Doubloons on the right:
(I think the base color of Doubloons has a touch more purple to it, and the iridescence a touch more pink)

UPDATE: More pics, in the sunlight this time!

Marvel vs Doubloons

Modern Poet, Innocent, St Tropez, Betty, Shrieking Violet, Icing, Coy, Swank, Vroom 



Disclaimer: All of these products except Vroom and Marvel were purchased by me. All opinions are my own.


  1. I think something gets lost in translation from powder to cream shadow, don't you? The finish looks a bit more flat too, or is it just how it comes across in the pic?
    Thanks for the GREAT swatches as always,
    Meli (on MMF) and Heidiv over at SN

    1. They are definitely not identical, I wonder if they are supposed to be, or if they are supposed to be just similar. I think their finish is pretty similar, the cream might be a touch more suede.

  2. Wonderful swatches, Oxana, thank you!

  3. How would you compare Coy to Sparkle? I like to use Sparkle to lighten up colors that are a little too dark. It sounds like you can do the same with Coy. What are the differences between the two? Thank you Oxana! :)

    1. I use Sparkle sometimes as well. The difference is that Sparkle is shimmery, while Coy has no shimmer. I also think Sparkle is more sheer, so it can only lighten so much. Coy is sheer too, but you can build it up a bit more to lighten even more. It's like layering a sheer white lipstick with other colors, it makes them more milky type shades.