Sunday, December 30, 2012

BE The September Issue Palette Review and Swatches

Today I want to show you the BareMinerals / Escentuals palette called The September Issue. This was the last of the READY 8.0 palettes that I did not have, and I received it for Christmas :)
I really love the quality of the BE pressed eyeshadows.
In this blog post I will show you swatches as well as compare some of the shades to the other palettes, so you can judge for yourself how similar/not similar they are.
I also did this all in video form, so if you would like to see that:

And here are the pics and swatches of the palette:

Couture is a chocolate brown with a somewhat metallic finish, it is not warm or bronzey at all.
Silhouette is an off-white/ivory shade that has a suede finish, nearly matte with just a little bit of sheen.
Statement is a a fuchsia that is a matte base with some corresponding colored shimmer scattered throughout.
Pret-a-Porter is a metallic gold that is about medium in depth with just a touch of bronze to it.
Tres Chic is another suede finish shade, it is a light peachy beige.
Editor's Pick is a metallic blackened turquoise. 
Glitterati is a beautiful light pink with strong gold iridescence and a frosty/pearly finish.
Ensemble is a blackened plum, it is very dark nearly black and has a matte finish.

Glitterati is such a pretty shade I though I'd post a few more pics of it:

And now to compare some of these colors. The whites:
Five Star(Finer Things) ; Silhouette(September Issue) ; One Hit Wonder(Playlist)
Five Star is a true white while the other two shades are ivory, Silhouette is right in between the two other sides, it is not as white as Five Star and not as ivory as One Hit Wonder. Also, One Hit Wonder does have some shimmer throughout it, while the other two shades are suede.

The Pinks:
Custom Made(Finer Things) ; Glitterati(September Issue) ; Icebreaker and Libation (both from Cocktail Hour)

Glitterati is not really that similar to the other pinks as it is the only one with gold iridescence.

Extravagance(Star Treatment) ; Pret-a-Porter(September Issue) ; Remix(Playlist)
Extravagance is lighter and more yellow then the other two shades. Pret-a-Porter and Remix however are quite similar.

Editor's Pick(September Issue) ; Max Volume(Playlist)
Editor's Pick is more metallic and more turquoise, while Max Volume is darker with more black to it.

And last but not least just wanted to show you Ensemble(September Issue) vs Black Tie Optional(Cocktail Hour) just so you can see what it looks like next to a true black.

That's it :) Thanks for reading!


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