Monday, December 17, 2012

Tarte For the Love of Lipgloss Collection Swatches

I bought this set a while back from Ulta, where it was exclusive. I have been wanting to try the maracuja glosses for a while now, and $32 for 15 mini glosses seemed like a fun way to try them in all sorts of different colors(although I do not think the real full size ones actually come in any of the colors from this set).
As it is right before the holidays right now it is currently sold out, however there's lots on eBay if you want to pay more. Or most likely we will see this on Tarte's site at some point. Because right now tons of the holiday stuff from last year that was sold out is on Tarte's site on the sale page, so I am sure once enough time has passed this will pop up there too. 
Quick Review: I really like these. They are moderately sticky, but not too bad, and it does increase their lasting power. These last pretty long on me actually. They have a nice minty feel(which I personally love, but I know is not for everyone). They do not dry out my lips like a lot of glosses, although they don't really moisturize them either. There is a nice mix of colors, sheer, opaque, creamy, sparkly, warm, cool. 
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