Friday, December 7, 2012

Silk Naturals Winter / Holiday 2012

So excited to share with you a Winter/Holiday collection from one of my favorite online companies, Silk Naturals :)
First up with have eyeshadows, these are a new formula called "prisms", which are pure pigment, so you must wear it over a tacky primer (like Silk Naturals Stick 'Em) or apply them wet for best results. I actually tried wearing them dry(just to see what would happen), and the powder is very light and airy and likes to fly into the air and land all around your eye not just where you are trying to apply it.
What sets these apart is they are very iridescent shades, they look different in the jar than when applied. If you like unique color shifting shades then these are for you.
So for the swatches I applied these wet. Get ready... I didn't name this blog Swatch Sioree for nothing :)
Indoors by window
Click on the pics to see full size
Tradition, Changeling, Spectre, Faerie
Indoors by lamp
Outside, but it is a cloudy day out today

And now for descriptions:
Tradition is a GWP color, it looks teal, but has a lot of gold that s visible once you apply it. It also appears to have some pink irridescence as well. 
Changeling is looks like a cool plum, but when applied it has lots of blue iridescence that comes out.
Spectre is the one that is most likely to fool you, it looks beige in the jar maybe even a tad peachy, but it has a very strong green shift when applied
Faerie is a pale green with lots of iridescent twinkle, the most noticeable being the gold, but I also see a touch of copper when I look at it swatched.

Another eyeshadow is the cream shadow Curious which was offered as a gumball. Gumballs are SN's way of testing new items, they will offer a limited amount for a very low price and then wait to hear what people think.
Well this girl think it is absolutely fabulous! One of my favorite cream shadows, and I have a drawer full, cream shadows are kind of my obsession. I love them for a quick look because you literally just need the one product. Therefore I look for lasting power, I'm not going to bother with a primer underneath, if I do that I may as well just put on a powdered shadow over top, I have a larger color selection of those. I need my cream shadows to be a primer and shadow in one. And my lids are a great test, both hooded and oily they are where cream shadows go to die. People will rave how such and such lasts all day on them, and it will crease in 10 minutes on me. 
So I am extremely pleased to announced this shadow passed the test with flying colors. I wiped my lids clean with a Q tip and then applied several layers to really build up the color. It lasted all day, literally all day long. And when I went to wash it off at the end of the day, it rinsed easily with water. So this is that type of water based formula, if you remember the old Maybelline Cool Effect shadows that were in the little squeeze tubes, kind of a similar formula, but the SN one is thicker and not watery like the Maybelline. 
So in conclusion, the new SN shadow is great for oily lids, but it does dissolve quickly and easily in water, so don't wear it in the rain, or to a pool party, or if you are planning to sweat a lot. But for all the other times, this shadow will knock your socks off.

Curious is a light taupe with silver shimmer, the last picture shows the shimmer well. 
I can't wait for SN to make more colors in these!

And now moving on to the lippies:
Hubbub, Bustle, High Jinks, Believer, Mayhem

The colors of the solid lippies and liquid gloss seem to ordinate, the only difference being the lipgloss has shimmer. Believer has a tiny bit of shimmer as well, but it is not really noticeable. 
Hubbub and Bustle are both peachy shades with a little bit of red to them.
High Jinks and Believer are somewhat bright berry pinks, with High Jinks being just a tad deeper.
Mayhem is a very vampy shade, a dark blackened cool plum. I wish I had it for when I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2.

  High Jinks:


And that concludes my haul from the SN Holiday Collection release, thank you for reading!


  1. Congrats on starting your blog! Your swatches of the new shadows are so much better than mine! I can't get my pictures to show the complexity of them. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks :) They were really hard to photograph, I had to take like 50 pics :)

  2. Hi Oxsana, are you on twitter, facebook, pinterest?

    1. I did sign up for twitter and pinterest, but to be honest I never go on those. I'm going to look into starting a Facebook page. I currently have a personal one for friends and family that is not makeup related, but I am going to see if I can make one that is about makeup and beauty.

    2. Just made a Facebook Page! :) It is called OxanaSwatchSoiree