Friday, December 7, 2012

Zoya Ziv and Electra Polishes

I have been really wanting to paint my nails gold lately, maybe it's due to the holiday season and gold being "festive". However, as it turns out none of my polishes were gold. I don't have the biggest polish collection, but I do have a decent amount, so I was surprised. I think it is because I mostly have Zoya, and they don't have a ton of golds to choose from. But they do have a new holiday collection out with a beautiful gold shade called Ziv. So I went to Ulta and got my hands on it, that and another shade called Electra which is a bar glitter with both holographic pieces and smaller skinnier silver pieces.

Here is Zoya Ziv
 And here is Ziv + Electra
 Closer look at Electra:
 I adore Ziv, super pretty gold, but I really wish Electra had only the holographic pieces, and not those silver ones. The silver are not as shiny and really don't add anything extra, in my opinion.


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